WTF is this thing all about?

Hello, Sexy.

So yeah: we love design, you love design, your grandma loves design, hell, children in small eco-friendly villages in the Ukraine all love design. At last count, I think there were approximately six bajillion other design blogs out there, and all their authors all love the shit out of design too now what? Does anyone even give an Eames chair shit anymore? 

Design blah, blah, blah.

Well, ok yeah: we do. And we had some ideas that were poppin, so we thought we'd try somethin somethin a lil different around here. Cause while we love endless pics of interior design porn, inspirational-n-aspirational DIY ideas, and tours of houses that we could never afford (and believe us, we *do* love allll that shit. Really, check our RSS reader if you doubt...), a lot of it also has fuck all to do with our own design lives (and we're guessing yours too?). Cause true confessions: we have messy kitchen junk drawers, can't confirm the thread count on all of our sheets, more often than not we buy flowers at the bodega, and fine: though we want to buy it all, we can’t really afford ANYTHING on

So, now what?

But we still love a lot. And we're hoping your ass does too. And while we're psyched you're here, and totally confident you-n-us are gonna be besties now, we also wish that sometimes all this design blog shit wasn’t so “shiny, happy, people holding hands” all the time, ya know? Cause we usually have a sense of humor, AND a point-of-view...and sometimes that point-of-view is: AYFKMWTS?

Anyway. Design Blahg. Live it. Like it. Make sweet love to it down by the fire (just make sure to use protection...we can't handle any blahg babies at the moment).