Alter Blog [May, 2010]


Dreamy pictures of perfectly cut and arranged hydrangea in a mason jar... Pixie-like waifs in soft focus walking through a sun-dappled flower garden... Delicious and good-for-you raw food vegan dinners with just-right garnishes... Perfectly manicured toes in the latest adorable peep-toe shoes...

Fuck all that. [READ MORE]


Village Voice [May, 2010]

Fucked in Park Slope Blogger Launches Design Blahg, Promises Continued Bitching

Hyper-local Brooklyn blog Fucked in Park Slope has veered from snarky news updates to girlier pastures, namely the magical land of crafty interior design blogs. Fucked in Park Slope (FIPS) and its corresponding Twitter @EffedParkSlope have been spotlighting the often ridiculous, neighborhood issues of BK's most yuppified hood for 2 years. (Fresh Direct truck smashes SUV!) It's sassy, often downright bitchy, tone has earned a loyal following among Slopians and (gasp) outsiders. Now Erica Reitman, the mind behind FIPS, is bringing her insight and cynicism to a new home-design blog called, duh, Design Blahg. [READ MORE]


Jauntsetter of the Week [May, 2010]

One place everyone should go: It's a total cliche, but: Paris. Especially if you can swing it with someone you love.
Travel quirk: I am absolutely obsessive about keeping hotel rooms organized and immaculate. Everything must be in its place, and I unpack immediately as soon as I check into my room. After 10 years of traveling together, this still manages to freak my husband out. I am not neat or organized at home. But for some reason, when I step into a hotel room: I become Martha Stewart! [READ MORE]