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[HANGING TOUGH] Exhibition A

Do you love art?  Do you have a lot of blank wall space to fill?  Do you have a ton of cash lying around that you can blow on non-essentials like paintings instead of essentials like bread, milk, and deoderant (call me)? 

Then Exhibition A is for you!

Exhibition A is a new members-only website that sells limited editions of artwork by contemporary artists. Each week, they debut a new original piece that's up for grabs for a limited amount of time. 

It's Gilt Group for Art. 

Registration is free, so you have no reason not to check it out.  






[HANGING TOUGH] Crate & Barrel's "Vein of Truth" Print

Got the new Crate & Barrel Spring catalog the other day and as usual, it was a major snoozefest.

The only thing in there worth noting was Allison Wickey's "Vein of Truth" print. 

For $449, it ain't cheap but it's kind of pretty, right?

Click for an enlarged photo.

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[HANGING TOUGH] Exploding Dog Prints

Exploding Dog is the brainchild of artist Sam Brown, where readers submit titles and he creates drawings based on them.  This is a project that's 10 years in the making, and what continually blows my mind about this site is how titles submitted by strangers connect together so seamlessly.  If you read them in succession, you'd think that they were written by one person. 

They're quirky and odd as they are hopeful and quietly adorable. 

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So, it's come to your attention that you're too old for movie posters (even if they're framed!), but you don't have the cash to drop on a legit piece of art?

No problemo.

The folks over at 20X200 are serving up their fair share of that shit every week. 

The story is that they release limited edition prints from artists at various price points ranging from $20 to $2000. They claim that it's "art for everyone," and I have to agree.  

Let's check out a sampling of their selection...

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[HANGING TOUGH] DNA11 Fingerprint Portraits

Maybe you might think that blowing up your actual fingerprints into a framed painting that you hang on your wall is a tad creepy, but I think it's fucking rad as hell.

DNA11 is a company that will take your actual fingerprints and turn them into paintings for $190.  You choose the size and color you want, they mail you a kit, you mail your fingerprints back, and BAM—your own personal work of art.


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