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A Few Thoughts On Pinterest

I'm not quite sure why, but when I first started using Pinterest, I felt pretty meh about it. I just didn't quite get it (have you heard of it? If not, get a clue).

Well I was retarded. Like stupid retarded. Cause now I can't stop. In fact, I became so obsessed with Pinterest, I kinda stopped blogging for awhile. I mean, my boards require a lot of upkeep, ppl. I reached a point where I was mostly just reading other blogs, cause I needed new shit to pin (and by "reading" I basically  mean trolling for photos). Like, I'd even find myself getting into "pinning" moods--like not a "I feel like playing around on the internet" mood, I mean, I would get these strong, tactile urges to just PIN THE SHIT OUT OF THE DUB DUB DUB. My husband started calling me at home and saying "what are you doing tonight? Pinning your face off?"

I pin so much, sometimes I forget what I pinned and so I pin things twice. And if I'm being really real, occasionally I'll be looking through my main feed after I've been on a pinning tear and I'll see a few of my pins in a row and go "omg, who is this!? She has such amazing taste!" and then I see that it's me. Oops.

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[I'M OBSESSED] Environment Furniture

True confessions: I always thought that when I got my own apartment that I would have super-modern decor.  

Sharp angles!

Glass everything! 

Black everything!  Back like my heart!

Unfortunately, when it comes to design, I am finding that I have an inner hippie just begging to get out (probably because she wants some weed. Just kidding, I did that once and it was STUPID). 

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[I'M OBSESSED] The Sartorialist

Even if you don't give a rat's ass about fashion...or photography...or style, you're still a real life crazy person if you don't visit The Sartorialist several times a week. If I had to choose one site as my absolute, hands down fave, that site would definitely be it.

I LOVE IT SO HARD. Also Scott Schuman, the brains and galactically talented photographer behind the site, is like THE OG fashion blogger. The dude literally kinda invented the concept of street fashion blogging as we know it.

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[I'M OBSESSED] Prince William's Wedding

Maybe it was indicative of the times, maybe it was the unmonitored access to my mother's tabloid magazines, or maybe I was just a weird fucking little kid, but I was absolutely OBSESSED with the British Royal Family from the ages of 8-13.  Princess Diana died when I was 11 and OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDD: I think I single-handedly kept The National Enquirer in business as I insisted that my mother buy every issue, brimming with Mohammed Al Fayed's murder conspiracy theories. 

So when news of Prince William's engagement came up after about a 10-year lapse in juicy royal gossip (aside from Prince Harry's hi-larious Nazi costume), I was immediately sucked back in. 

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[I'M OBSESSED] Aphro Chic Pillows

So I write this other blog about the Park Slope neighborhood I live in in Brooklyn (with a bad word in the title...you've been warned); and also I write this little Design Blahg. And it's pretty friggin rare that those two worlds collide. But today they do--with Aphro Chic pillows!

Aphro Chic is a fabulous blog in its own right...but whoa! There is also a killer product line developed by Aphro Chic-er Jeanine Hays to go along with the snazzy blog, and just so you know: their new Brooklyn inspired pillows are srsly to die for.

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