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[INTERVIEW'D] George From 9 By Design, Part Dos

Yo! Check it! Here is Part Two of our exclusive interview with George Hribar, from Bravo TV's new hit show 9 By Design. Part One is here.

As you may recall, we all love the shit outta 9 By Design around here...and George...and his eyebrows. Today we have some more scoop on upcoming projects from Sixx Design, hot new artists we should be keeping our eyes on and, of course, wtf is up for season two!?

You know you wanna...

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[INTERVIEW'D] George From 9 By Design

Yo! Check it! Here is Part One of our exclusive interview with George Hribar, from Bravo TV's new hit show 9 By Design.

I watch a lot of TV...like A LOT. So I know what the fuck I'm talking about when it comes to "must see TV." And 9 By Design, Bravo's new reality TV show about Bob & Cortney Novogratz, their design firm Sixx Design, and their gigantic family was, hands down, my fave new reality show of the season. Even though there were only 6 eps in season one, I watched each and every one of them SO HARD...sometimes twice.

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[9 BY DESIGN RECAP] Episode 8: Selling Point

It's so haaaaaaard to say goodbyeeeeeeee to yesterdAAAAAAAAAAAY.

Yes ppl, it's true: as if the Lost finale wasn't hard enough, our asses now gotta deal with a Novo-less summer. Tonight's ep of 9 By Design was the end of Season One, and I for one, have a major sad face. Shit I might even miss Dave Barry (actually, sorry: I just tried, and that's not possible).

Anyway, so yeah.

We came, we saw, we stole an Ann Carrington flag.

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[9 BY DESIGN RECAP] Episode 7: Down At The Jersey Shore

Ok, I keep forgetting to check the credits of the show: is Dave Barry an exec producer or something? Cause quite frankly, I'm getting a little sick of the dude. I mean, have the Novos EVER worked with anyone else?

So yeaaaah: DB was front and center again last night, when he dropped a boutique hotel right in Bob-n-Cort's lap.

Yippeeee! A hotel!

Ok, that was pretty rad, and I was super excited for them, even if the hotel *was* in NJ...everyone has gotta start somewhere.

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[9 BY DESIGN RECAP] Episode 6: London Calling

A. Obvs I'm IMMEDIATELY buying a copy of Downtown Chic (shit is sold OUT on Amazon, ppl).

B. I started to get a leetle bit bored with this 9by stuff last night.

Sad face.

Look, I still love the crap out of the Novos, but its just that everything that "goes wrong" on this show, seems like it was hatched up in some writers room and executed by some PA (probably the one who keeps taking those blurry ass fucking pictures for the bravo.com site).

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