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Elle Decor Loves Brooklyn Too

Photo: Courtesy of East River Ferry; Rebecca Ashley Photography; courtesy of Tom Fruin and Wythe Hotel

 I've got some major love for my Brookln borough, and so I was so flattered to be included in Elle Decor's recent round-up of their fave BK spots. 

They asked a bunch of Elle staffers, as well as some Brooklyn bloggers, which places in the borough they just couldn't live without. Some of my blogging buds also contributed: Brooklyn Limestone, Remodelista and Curbed.

Thanks, Elle Decor! Me love you long time. 

And if you ever feel like immersing yourself in the insanity that is my neighborhood in Brooklyn, Park Slope, hop on over to my other blog F'd in Park Slope for a good laugh...or cry.



WHO GIVES A SHIT: Do You Still Read *Actual* Magazines?

So, for awhile I was on this kick where I was getting all of my magazines on my iPad. Here's why I loved that: MAGAZINES ARE HEAVY AS SHIT. I live in NYC, so everything I need has to get shlepped around in my purse. But on my iPad, I always had all of my mags with me, all of the time (and they were light as a feather). 

But somehow lately I've fallen back into my buying actual physical magazines habit. First I had some time to kill before an appt the other day, so I dropped 10 large on a fancy shmancy European design magazine. Then I was sitting at Hunan Delight the other night and waiting for my Chow Fun when some chick handed me a Fast Company on the way out to see if I wanted to read it while I waited.

Well, yes...yes, I did. 

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BREAKING: I Found An Online Mag That I REALLY Like!

Ok, stop the motherfucking presses, ppl: this news is big, and I mean gigantasaurus big. I found an amazing online mag! That's designed well! And doesn't have 8 billion unnecessary pages! Or read like it was written by an 11-year-old! Or feature 56 pictures of it's "founders" in all different pouty poses!

It's called Collected and you should all be reading it right the hell now.

Started by two LA-based interior designers and bloggers, Krista Schrock and Jessica Comingore, the mag is gorgeous, and chock full of killer collections of all sorts of fab products, and beautifully shot features, and fonts that don't make my eyes bleed.

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How to Read Rue Mag Step-by-Step

1. Stop what you're doing
2. Click on over to Rue Mag issue number three.
3. Skip to page 100.
4. Yes, I know there's some other good shiz in there, ppl but who's in charge here, me or you? THATS WHAT I THOUGHT, SUCKAZ!
5. Stare at all the amazing photos of Nicole from Sketch 42 Blog's amazing apartment...and her amazing family...and, yep, even her amazing leather jeggings.
6. Realize your space sucks a dizzle.
7. Cry
8. Read the article I wrote about Nicole's amazing space.

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Tavi And Jane Pratt To Start Sassy Magazine 2.0, Only Not

Ok, *this* is the sort of magazine news I can actually get behind: former Sassy Magazine editor Jane Pratt and 14-y-o fashion blogger superstar Tavi Gevinson are starting a magazine inspired by Sassy for "wallflowery teenage girls."

Ok, despite the fact that I am way the fuck too old to be reading a mag for teenage girls, Sassy was pretty much the first magazine that "spoke" to me in a real way. And kind of made me, a little bit, think that maybe I could actually be a writer too. And that probably makes all y'all want to barf, so I have happily provided a motion sickness bag along with this post [just scroll to the bottom and print out the pdf that says "barf_bag_001.pdf...ok, KIDDING, PPL. Totally just kidding).

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