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You know how every single solitary time you get invited over to someone's place for dinner, or for a holiday party, or for a booty call, you always bring over a bottle of wine? Right, well that's kind of nice, but also boring as hell. Bringing wine is basically the equivalent of saying: "I appreciate the fact that you made me kale salad and artisanal tater tots, but I don't have enough time to think about an original gift, so here's the $25 bottle of wine that Max at that wine shop on 7th Ave recco'd cause he said, even though he never tried it, ppl were saying that "it was pretty good." 


Anyway, if you're looking to break out of your Hostess gift-giving rut, here are a few ideas that you can totally copy, and then take all the credit for thinking up. 

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[Gift Guide] Old Trends We Still Love

Look: you can let assholes in the comment sections of design websites tell you what's hott and what's not to put in your home, or you can buy all the formerly trendy shit you like and not worry about what anyone thinks.

Better yet, you can gift all the stuff you wish you were brave enough to keep for yourself to other people! 

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[Gift Guide] Things That Make You Seem Richer Than You Actually Are

Gift-giving during the holidays are all about one thing - feeling smug. Show people how much better you are than they are by giving gifts that make it clear which one of you is richer. 

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[Gift Guide] Hostess Gifts

Many of us will be enjoying the hospitality (aka free food and booze) of others during the holiday season. Bring a little something with you so you don't look like a complete jerk.

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[Gift Guide] Etsy Prints/Photographs

Look: here's even MORE amazing Etsy shit.

You know how its always hard to find great artwork?...well not today.

Here are some of our fave prints/posters...and yep, we're still all Etsy all the time round here.

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