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LINKED: Saatchi Online

I found a killer new, reasonably priced, online art resource that I've become semi-obsessed with over the past week: Saatchi Online.

Started by the famous Saatchi gallery in London, the site is meant to give artists who are not repped by a gallery an opportunity to show and sell their artwork. And this works out pretty well for me, cause I kinda want to buy it all.

Prices vary greatly depending on the artist, but most of them seem to sell prints that are def affordable.

Here are some of my faves:

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How To Make Lame Art Look Cool

This is an idea that is so simple and so brilliant, it makes my head want to explode.

Basically you just take any ole piece of artwork, and zhush it up by adding some clever comment or phrase with some stick on letters. BOOM. All of the sudden you take your lame-o, flea market painting from "no way" to " OH, HEEEEEEYYYYYYY!"

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[HANGING TOUGH] Exhibition A

Do you love art?  Do you have a lot of blank wall space to fill?  Do you have a ton of cash lying around that you can blow on non-essentials like paintings instead of essentials like bread, milk, and deoderant (call me)? 

Then Exhibition A is for you!

Exhibition A is a new members-only website that sells limited editions of artwork by contemporary artists. Each week, they debut a new original piece that's up for grabs for a limited amount of time. 

It's Gilt Group for Art. 

Registration is free, so you have no reason not to check it out.  






[HANGING TOUGH] Adam Cohn's Honest Art

How does any conversation you have with an acquaintance go?

You: Hey.

Them: Hi, how's it going.

You: Good.

Them: Not so good.

You're already walking away, because you don't CARE how they're doing, you're just exchanging mindless pleasantries on your way to the liquor store, or wherever you're going.  Then you have to turn around and engage in conversation.  

Adam Cohn's prints get right down to the point by declaring, "I'm not interested in what you are saying" for everyone to see.  

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[LINK'D] Blu Dot Wants Your Ridiculous Art Projects, Drug-Free Urine Samples

Modern furniture maker Blu Dot is hosting an online swap meet that allows you to trade your ridiculous art projects for a genuinely beautiful piece of their furniture.

How does it work?  You pick out any Blu Dot item you want, and then upload an interesting offer to the site (it can be a collection, art project, or something completely and totally ridiculous).  Users will vote on whether your upload is "swap-worthy" and at the end of the voting period, good golly, Bert, you might win an awesome piece of furniture in exchange from your bottle cap collection!   

I'm thinking this is a pretty brilliant idea, but the best part of all of this is to see WTF people are trying to swap in exchange for legit nice furniture.  

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