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'Fur Pillows Are Actually Hard To Sleep On'

image via Curbed NationalWhile I've certainly been loving the shit out of Curbed National since its debut, I think this roundup of Kanye West's craziest interior design/decor tweets should be nom'd for a friggin Pulitzer.

If you're not following Kanye on Twitter, well then I'm not sure what the hell's wrong with you...cause this shit is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Here are a few of the best gems that they uncovered:

+ At the crib, I use really nice napkins instead of paper towels...got the idea from the YSL bathroom...waaaay nicer.

+ If baroque and mode had a car crash, what would that ambulance look like?

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This House Is The Reason I Think Most Interior Designers Suck

Ok, so as you all know, I love bad reality TV. And the bad reality TV I probably love the most is the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo. I watch every season, know every housewife...I'm in it to win it, ppl.

The addition of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this year has been nothing short of epic...and I pretty much love every goddmamned second of it. But these photos of Demi Moore lookalike housewife Kyle Richards house kinda make me want to take my own life.

B/c she has a beautiful house, and all the $$ in the world, and yet it's VERY clear to me that she hired a 2nd rate interior designer, with no sense of space, drama, intrigue or warmth. I mean, look at this bullshit:

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Tavi And Jane Pratt To Start Sassy Magazine 2.0, Only Not

Ok, *this* is the sort of magazine news I can actually get behind: former Sassy Magazine editor Jane Pratt and 14-y-o fashion blogger superstar Tavi Gevinson are starting a magazine inspired by Sassy for "wallflowery teenage girls."

Ok, despite the fact that I am way the fuck too old to be reading a mag for teenage girls, Sassy was pretty much the first magazine that "spoke" to me in a real way. And kind of made me, a little bit, think that maybe I could actually be a writer too. And that probably makes all y'all want to barf, so I have happily provided a motion sickness bag along with this post [just scroll to the bottom and print out the pdf that says "barf_bag_001.pdf...ok, KIDDING, PPL. Totally just kidding).

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Kelly Wearstler's House Is For Sale


Oh wellzers, it's KWearst...she's totally worth it.

(via Curbed)

more photos after the jump

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[I'M OBSESSED] Phoenix

So, uhm, just so you guys know before it starts to hit all of the gossip mags today and before my ass shows up on Tyra, the lead singer of Phoenix: Thomas Mars is like totally way into me. And I mean, like WAY.

And yeah, we all know about all the really obvious shit you can do when you're way way into someone, like:

* send them flowers
* dedicate a song to them on a mainstream radio show
* get their face tattooed on your back
* stalk them

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