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I totally need to do a TV catch-up post with all of you cause my head is about to explode with excitment over the Fall TV season, but tonight it's alllll about Revenge!

Ok, and The Real Housewives of NJ reunion! But mostly Revenge!

Nolan! And Emily! And even annoying Daniel! So happy they're back!

UPDATE: Ok, first ep was fab, though it was a little weird that we're all starting off on such a dark note now. At least last year it took a little while to realize how fucked up Emily is. Also, how much do you think Ninja camp costs? 


My TV Problem

If you've ever read this blog before, you might have picked up on the fact that I'm TV obsessed. And I don't mean obsessed with a lower case O either ppl, I mean TOTALLY FUCKING CAN'T STOP TILL I GET ENOUGH AND I NEVER GET ENOUGH OBSESSED. 

TV is my thing and, goddamit, I just love it so hard. 

I need to watch a TV show after I wake up and get ready for work in the morn while I eat my breakfast. I need to watch TV at night before I go to bed. I have TV shows that I full on watch and love and then I have a secondary and third tier of TV shows that I halfway watch while I play on my computer or clean my apartment (I mean, how completely insane is that?!). I need to watch TV on the weekends when I'm laying around and don't feel like moving, and I NEED to watch TV on planes and trains. You get the gist. 


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That HGTV Dream Home Is MINEZZZZ

So, uhm...can we talk about the HGTV Dream Home for two thousand elevs for a hot min? CAUSE I WANT THAT FUCKING THING SOOOOO BADLY.

It's in Stowe, Vermont...and that's a bit too far away, but I seriously dig it this year! It's like waaay hunting lodge chic-y!

I gotta say, I always enter the Dream Home giveaways, because hello: who doesn't want a Dream Home. But I've def never felt as much of a connection before to the dreamy homes as I have to this one.

And I mean, how fucking cool would it be if a Design Blogger actually won this? Lemme answer that for you: VERY FUCKING COOL!!!!

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I'm Counting the Seconds Till Million Dollar Listing NYC Drops

Uhm, new fave show alert x a million billion: have you guys heard about Million Dollar Listing NYC?

I'm already waaay the hell into Millon Dollar Listing (the regular version in Malibu) starring the dude with THE most ridick haircut in the history of the universe: Chad.

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This House Is The Reason I Think Most Interior Designers Suck

Ok, so as you all know, I love bad reality TV. And the bad reality TV I probably love the most is the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo. I watch every season, know every housewife...I'm in it to win it, ppl.

The addition of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this year has been nothing short of epic...and I pretty much love every goddmamned second of it. But these photos of Demi Moore lookalike housewife Kyle Richards house kinda make me want to take my own life.

B/c she has a beautiful house, and all the $$ in the world, and yet it's VERY clear to me that she hired a 2nd rate interior designer, with no sense of space, drama, intrigue or warmth. I mean, look at this bullshit:

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