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[I'M OBSESSED] Filthy Home

There's a new design company in town, and it's a little nasty. 

The dirty mind behind Filthy Home is former Playboy designer Ryan Cox whose career highlights featured in his bio include that he "Tried to make out with girls but always wished they were boys from 1994-1997." 

Based out of Brooklyn, the shop offers hilarious wallpaper that looks chic and beautiful from far away.  When you get close, you see dicks, vaginas, and swear words. 

It's like a Picasso, but not.

Photos after the jump.

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[I'M OBSESSED] Flatland OK

Every online store you'll see has a section for "Objects" or "Accessories," which is usually a bunch of lame pieces of fake fruit or mirrored orbs. 

Growing up, one of my friend's mother had placed at least 16 wooden bowls filled with dried pinecones around their home.  I spent so much time growing up wondering what the fuck was up with those pinecones and whether or not this woman was actually a squirrel that I completely missed the fact that I was totally gay until I was 19 years old. 


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[I'M OBSESSED] Case Furniture

A fun/terrible thing to do to yourself is to look at products that you love that you could never afford in a million billion years.

It's like when people with eating disorders put up pictures of really gaunt movie stars next to their mirrors.

"Thinspiration," they call it.

Well, true story: nothing motivates me to work harder and make more money than a nicely made piece of furniture.

I want it!  I've gotta have it! 

I need 10,000 more dollars than I have in order to get it!

Case Furniture is my "thinspiration."



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[COOL SHIT] Danish Candlesticks from Canvas Vintage

It's the unavoidable moment when you're in CVS and you end up spending $20 on candles that you realize, "Oh, fuck, I'm turning into my mother."

This was the woman who would drag me into Yankee Candle when I was an angry teenager and peruse the aisles while I would stand there and nearly pass out from the clashing smells.

"They discontinued Banana Nut Muffin," she'd say.

"CAN WE GO NOW?" I'd ask. 

I was in a hurry to get to Old Navy to buy those ill-fitting, sparkly tank tops that look good on no one. 

I didn't get why people would go [Lady] gaga over some stupid candles.

I get it now.  And these Danish candlesicks? I want, I want, I want.


[COOL SHIT] Shop Relish

Yo, I guess I need to get out to Portland at some point.

After discovering Canoe and all of their cool shit, I stumbled on Shop Relish, which is also based out of Oregon. 

Good news is that you can order everything online, which is great for shut-ins like me. 

Let's check their shit out.

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