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A: ?????????????

Today was actually the first day in a verrrry long time that I did not completely sweat my ass off. If you've never been to NYC in the summer, I have some really good advice for you: DO NOT COME HERE UNLESS YOU ARE BEING KIDNAPPED. 

Can I get a "holla" from anyone who's been down in the 120 degree death chamber subway? Or sweated through some shitty meal in an under air conditioned restaurant? Thank you

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How Am I Supposed To Unsee This, Sarah Michelle Gellar? 

Yes, in fact I do realize that the Golden Globes were almost a week ago. And that mostly everything that could possibly be said about the fashion misses and hits has already been said. 


I serioulsy cannot get this monstrosity out of my head. 

I decided that the only way to really cope, was to make up a list of things that I thnk are actually uglier and more vile than this "dress." Here's what I cam up with:



*My haircut from 10th grade (thankfully, there are no surviving photos...at least on the internet)

*Puli dogs

*Penn Station in NYC (and in case you didn't realize, this is how gorge that place USED to be before they wrecked it. Everytime I see those pictures I actually want to cry)

That was pretty much all I could come up. May we all never see this thing ever, ever, never again. Amen.

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What to Wear Where?

That headline was so good, I actually just stole it word for word from Honestly WTF.

But I was actually thinking about this a lot recently, as we just had our amazing trip to Sedona, AZ last week. And before we left, I found myself shopping for some travel wear and picking out shit that I might not normally wear at home in NYC. I mean, I came home with a bag full of shearling vests, and earth-tone colored sweaters, and navajo prints, and this stupid headband head warmer thing. And when I walked in and showed my husband all this crap he was like: "uhm, are we going to stay at a dude ranch?"

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Lady Bow Ties

I kind of didn't even know that this was a thing, but it is and I'm smitten. Ladies can wear bow ties too!

They're a little longer and a little flouncier than the boy versions, but these Forage lady ties are just as fab. I think any one of these puppies would look killer with a crisp white shirt, some jeans, and some fab boots.

True, if you wear one of these you might risk getting mixed up with Helen Mirren or some shit, but eff it: that's a risk I'm willing to take.

(via Hip Hip Gin Gin)

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[I'M OBSESSED] No. 6 Clog Boots

I've coveted these bad boys for like two whole winters now, and finally the other day I said: YOU KNOW WHAT!? I'M WORTH IT!

And I took the plunge.

And I'm seriously in love. First of all, these things are so ridiculously comfortable. And like I don't mean comofortable for shoes that should totally be uncomfortable but actually aren't that bad. I mean like hard core c-o-m-f-o-r-t-a-b-l-e.

Also they are waterproof! So I can wear em in the rain, the sleet, the snow. Blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes, whatevs!

OH! And the chick who sold em to me said that if I wanna come back after it gets cold, I can buy shearling inserts for the winter!? Amazeballs.

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