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LINKED: We Are Hunted

Here's the thing about  me-n-music: I listen to like 17 songs. Period.

I have around 1000 songs in my itunes, at least I think. But I never ever ever ever listen to like 98.9% of them. I don't know what's wrong with me.

But then like every once in awhile I think "hey! I'd like to find some new music!" so I look around a bit on the internet and then I get sick of listening to shit that I don't like and I'm back to my original 17 songs.

However, that's all changed with my recent discovery of We Are Hunted. Basically: this is the coolest music discovery site on the motherfuckin planet.

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[LINKED] Details' Sports-Inspired Design

This month's Details magazine features a spread on "How to score a sports-inspired design."

This article is great because most "sports-inspired design" involves dart boards, Yankees memorabilia, and everything else that is relegated to man caves because it's hideous and should be hidden from view.

From gymnastic benches that double as clever seating alternatives to cabinets made out of old basketball court floors, this stuff is way better than that New York Knicks light up sign.  




YOU'RE WELCOME: Gifts for the Nautically-Obsessed

Mid-life crisises manifest themselves differently with different people.  Some people act out "The Pina Colada Song" and troll for anonymous sex at midnight while they may or may not be caught in the rain.  Some people have sex with the babysitter.  Some people buy a car they can't afford.  This guy, however, bought a boat.  His family didn't see it coming.  They had no clue they were being signed up for a life at sea.

Batten the hatches!  I see a gift guide for the nautically-obsessed off the starboard side!

Jump overboard to You're Welcome to see it. 


[LINKED] You're Welcome

I've been noticing a lot of things about myself lately.

1. I really enjoy it when white people do acoustic covers of rap songs.

2. I love capitalism.

What better way to celebrate my love of capitalism and gangsta rap with the launch of my very own website devoted to all of the great shit you can buy for other people?

Answer?  There's no better way. 

And so, I bring you You're Welcome.

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[HANGING TOUGH] Exhibition A

Do you love art?  Do you have a lot of blank wall space to fill?  Do you have a ton of cash lying around that you can blow on non-essentials like paintings instead of essentials like bread, milk, and deoderant (call me)? 

Then Exhibition A is for you!

Exhibition A is a new members-only website that sells limited editions of artwork by contemporary artists. Each week, they debut a new original piece that's up for grabs for a limited amount of time. 

It's Gilt Group for Art. 

Registration is free, so you have no reason not to check it out.