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photos via Pharrell Williams official FB page

Holy shit, this guy is an inspiring dude.

If you have not had a chance to watch the Pharrell interview on Oprah Prime yet, you gotta get on that stat. I can't think of the last time I was so inspired/touched/moved/blown away by someone as I was after watching Mr. P spill all his beans to Oprah. I was crying through like the entire thing.

Not to mention that this dude is responsible for creating like 80% of the music I've loved the hardest over the last 20 years. If you're not familiar with Pharrell's musical legacy: basically just think about any hit song you've loved from any artist (from Gwen Stefani, to Jay-Z to Britney Spears and everything in between) and then google that shit. There's like a 50/50 chance that Pharrell had *something* to do with it. 

And yet he's so grounded and humble, and really just makes me want to go out into the world and do something great. 

Best of all: he shared that his main relationship dealbreaker was always "does this chick love Tribe Called Quest?" If the answer was no, he said it was never gonna work. 

Second best of all, he actually took the time out to call out some random chick on Instagram who was inspired by his latest album cover. She posed in a robe like the ladies on P's album cover and then basically got blasted with nasty, insensitive comments. Pharrell asked everyone to go onto Insta, follow her and shower her with positivity. I mean alja;lsfjlsjflsjflsdfjdsljf!!?? You should follow her too. 

OH, and he said that one of his managers a few years ago suggested that he read The Alchemist and that it TOTALLY and completely changed his life. 

Anyway, I was in love with this dude before, but my crush has now reached One Direction screaming 14-year-old levels. 


It's Fun To Think About Summer When It's Cold As Balls Out


This is a video by a rad band called Soft Swells, who I was introduced to by my brother.

He's good friends with the lead singer Tim Williams, and was always talking about his music. Whenever this happens, in any iteration in my life, I find that I go and listen to the music (look at the artwork, read the blog, check out the book) of the the mysterious friend, and then almost always end up thinking "meh." This is usually followed by weeks of attempting to dodge the topic at all costs in order to avoid an awkward conversation. 

But in Soft Swell's case, I was happily surprised that I really loved their music. And they just keep getting more and more kick ass reviews (i.e. this shit is probably going to blow up soon, so you better get on board now). They were in Brooklyn a few weeks ago performing at a local spot here in Park Slope and I was able to go hear them in person: and yep, I still thought they were awesome. 

Anyway, it snowed today, and now it's rainy and cold so it's nice to think about summer. Also this entire video was shot at my brother Ted's house in LA, so that's kind of fun. You might notice that the view of LA from his deck is amazeballs to the power of sick. I know...I hate him for it too. 

Follow Soft Swells on Facebook and the Twitter.


LINKED: We Are Hunted

Here's the thing about  me-n-music: I listen to like 17 songs. Period.

I have around 1000 songs in my itunes, at least I think. But I never ever ever ever listen to like 98.9% of them. I don't know what's wrong with me.

But then like every once in awhile I think "hey! I'd like to find some new music!" so I look around a bit on the internet and then I get sick of listening to shit that I don't like and I'm back to my original 17 songs.

However, that's all changed with my recent discovery of We Are Hunted. Basically: this is the coolest music discovery site on the motherfuckin planet.

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[I'M OBSESSED] Phoenix

So, uhm, just so you guys know before it starts to hit all of the gossip mags today and before my ass shows up on Tyra, the lead singer of Phoenix: Thomas Mars is like totally way into me. And I mean, like WAY.

And yeah, we all know about all the really obvious shit you can do when you're way way into someone, like:

* send them flowers
* dedicate a song to them on a mainstream radio show
* get their face tattooed on your back
* stalk them

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