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WHO GIVES A SHIT: Do You Like Your Name?

Aren't names weird?

Your name is like this gigantic thing that sort of defines you, and leaves people with an immediate impression of you (good or bad), and you have it forever and ever. And yet you have NOTHING to do with choosing it.

And holy shit, you can't pick a more subjective topic than name choices. I may love a name that you hate and vice versa. The name Preston, for instance, makes me absolutely murder-y...for really no reason whatsoever.

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WHO GIVES A SHIT: Red Mascara?

I can't decide if I really dig this, or if I think this chick looks like Satan's daughter with bleeding eyeballs.

"With many of the spring season's beauty looks going sans mascara, MAC makeup artist Javier Romero went full force ahead for Katie Gallagher's SS'12 presentation, giving lashes a dramatic boost with bright red mascara, a little red eyeliner, and matching cherry lips to boot."


(via Refinery29)

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Who Gives A Shit: Nail Polish In Weird Colors?

I watch Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, have read every Twilight book, and I'll even admit to thinking Justin Bieber is *kinda* cute, but for some reason, I gotta draw the line at weird nail polish colors.

And by "weird" I pretty much mean anything that's not some sort of variation of red, pink, coral. Like blue, green, yellow. OMGZ, and if you're using one of those colors AND you have sparkles in it!? I just can't.

For some reason, I am just far...and I mean F-A-R too old for that shit.

Just me? Are you guys down with the bizarro colored nail polish?

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Who Gives A Shit: Snooping

Let me set the scene: you're at your friends house for dinner. At some point during the night, you slip away to the bathroom. As you're standing at the sink washing your hands post pee, you catch your reflection in the mirror of the medicine cabinet. THE MEDICINE CABINET!? WTF IS IN THAT THING???

So do you look?

Be honest.

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Who Gives A Shit: Do Your Friends Have Good Taste?

Gawd, I hope none of my friends are reading this, but here goes anyway: I have exactly two friends with apartments that are beautifully designed, well-thought out, interesting, full of gorgeous things that induce jealous rages deep down in my soul: Nicole from Sketch42 Blog and The Brinsons from House of Brinson.

That's it.

Now this isn't to say that the rest of my friends have shitty aparments with shitty style (though some def do), but more that they don't really have *any* style at all. Aside from those two, there is honestly no one else whose space is at all interesting or provacative to me.

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