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While I think we would all say "YES" to the question "do you like to look at beautiful things?", the crazy interesting thing to me as that all of those beautiful things that we'd all like to look at would be so darn different for each and every one of us.

I mean, there are people out there whose job it is to track down beautiful things (museum curators), create beautiful things (artists, designers, architects, filmmakers hell, even bloggers) stare at beautiful things (critics), track which beautiful things people are digging (trend forecaster), document beautiful things (photographers, writers, 98% of the sites on Tumblr), and gawd knows any of us who spend good chunks of time online easily can get addicted to looking at beautiful things, searching for more beautiful things, and simply "consuming" beautiful things ad nauseum each and every day. 

Image via Zack Seckler and Sketch42 Blog

I wonder sometimes if I've even become slightly immune to recognizing something beautiful now? I mean now that the internet has been completely and totally democratized, I see beautiful/inspiring/cool shit ALL. THE. TIME. I worry that I somehow don't appreciate it as much as I used to before Pinterest and blogs and Instagram and everything in between. I see my friends creating beautiful things, and strangers I've never met online, and people in magazines who kind of look like me and have similar lives, EXCEPT their lives are all about creating beautiful things every single day. Should I be doing that? Maybe that would make my life more beautiful? Are their lives more beautiful than mine?

Image via Le Management and Sketch42 Blog

Sometimes I feel inspired to join this "beautiful things creative cult" and, in my own eensy weensy little ways, try to add to this ever growing amorphous blob that is the giant growing collection of beautiful, creative, inspiring shit all over the world. Most of the time, I feel like I fail...and that I can create things that are kinda, sorta, a little bit beautiful, but not REAL DEAL actual beautiful. And if you tell me you disagree, I'll calmy dismiss you and tell you why whatever you *think* I did that was really cool, is actually not...or a fluke...or inspired by someone else's beautiful thing, so I don't really deserve credit for its beauty after all. 

Image via Sketch42 Blog

And then I think that maybe if I was committed to a life of creating beautiful things, and pursuing creativity and beauty in everything I did, every single day, I miiiiiight be able to add a little, every once in a blue moon contribution to the beautiful things creative cult. But how in the world could I ever have a life like that, because that would mean that people were paying me lots of money to create things (artist), or assemble beautiful things (interior designer), or write beautiful things (writer), and I'm not actually good enough to do any of that. 

Sometimes I have fleeting moments where I think I am and that maybe I should try.

Image via Xu Zhen and Sketch42 Blog

Probably not, but maybe. Actually, what am I talking about: no way. And even if it was "WAY!," isn't that even scarier?! 

Then I go back to thinking about how crazy that all is and just start pinning other's peoples beautiful shit (OPBS) on Pinterest until the next time I have this conversation with myself in my head. 

**These are the sort of real life crazytown back and forths I have with myself in the shower.
***The insane Jewish neurotic mind is a REAL THING.
****I swear x a million that I am not publishing this post as a ploy to get anyone anywhere to say, "you make beautiful things!" In fact, don't...cause I will just fight you on it and not believe you.  I'm just letting loose today on how my crazy f'd up brain works, in case you have a crazy f'd up brain too and it makes you feel better that my brain is more f'd up than yours is. #noshame 

Image via Gant Rugger and Sketch42 Blog

Sidenote, all of the photos in this post are from my bud Nicole's Sketch42 Blog. Nicole's blog is where I stop, every single day, for my daily dose of beautiful. This girl is like a beautiful things undercover CIA agent, and her taste is beyond impeccable. So if you want to be inspired so hard it hurts your brain, go to her blog all day, every day. Best of all, half the time, you'll be inspired by HER own amazing art, interiors, photography, fashion and DIY ideas. Basically this girl is the president, emperor, and supreme ruler of the "beautiful things creative cult." OH, and she's actually beautiful herself too in real life! Look at this pic below! I mean!!!?? This might make you want to jealous punch her through your computer screen right now, but I promise: it's a bad idea. Cause she's amazing, and funny, and sweet, and supportive, and will always answer your texts from the Rose Bowl when you're thinking of buying a $1500 couch that you don't actually need or have room for, but want anyway because you're positive K dubs would have used something like that in her Malibu house and you think it's a good idea to buy just for solidarity sake. 

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