So my parents were hippies and smoked pot and listened to rock-n-roll music and got kicked out of school. And so I "rebelled" and got straight A's and joined the Honor Society. And while I'm definitely happy to be done with pop quizzes, research papers and all that sort of shit, I still love me a good class. 

There's something about having an assignment with a due date that just motivates my ass like nothing else. Like there is literally no space in my brain that would allow for NOT doing my homework if I know that's it's due next Weds eve at 7pm. Basically you could bet a million dollars or an opportunity to have sex with Paul Rudd that my homework is gonna be signed, sealed and delivered on my teacher's desk. 

Here is my upcoming class schedule: 

  • On Wednesday I'm starting a TV pilot writing class at UCLA. It's sort of my secret fantasy to be a TV writer. I already watch every single TV show that exists on planet Earth, so I've got that going for me. 
  • On May 17th I'm taking a fun photography class, Snap Class that will hopefully help with my picture takin' skills both on le blog and on le Instagram.  
  • On June 21, I'm taking a loom weaving class with Janelle Pietzrack of All Roads Studio, and I'm super psyched about this one as I've pinned 8,976 pics of gorgeous wall hangings on Pinterest that I now want to blazenly copy.
  • I kind of wish that I had enrolled in Marie Forleo's B-school, but I didn't so now I can't take that till next year. 
  • I did an awesome group coaching class with Tiffany Han, who truly is a champion of awesome.
  • And I can't stop watching youtube tutorials. Like, can't stop, won't stop. 
    • If you have short/medium hair and you want to figure out how to get beachy waves, voila
    • How to take a selfie like a supermodel (shut up, yes I watched). 
    • How to edit your Instagram photos (sidenote: I have to do a separate post on this as I'm newly OBSESSED with editing photos on my phone and it's so much damn fun). 
    • And like every kind of make-up tutorial you could ever imagine. I basically learned how to apply make-up on youtube like 6 months ago...not kidding. 

All this class takin' sorta makes me want to teach my own damn class too. #maybe

Anyway, so I kinda have a class problem, as you can see. Do you guys dig classes? Know any good ones I should take? (in the LA are or online?). Tell me everything you know. 

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