image via William Brinson PhotographyYep, as part of this whole LA move sitch, we're selling a bunch of our furniture. I made a Pinterest I tend to do with all things in my life. So if you wanna take a look, head on ovah there

I'm selling: 

*The brown velvet upholstered banquette (with storage under each bench!) pictured left.
*A fab brown leather Chesterfield sofa from ABC Carpet
*A mirrored West Elm coffee table
*Calypso Home woven wood bench
*Gigantic wicker basket that I scored at Brimfield
*some cool side tables 

I'm in NYC, but could look into shipping anything anywhere, of course. Hit me up with any questions at




So excited!

A new house to decorate!

And we'll get to hang with my brother! And cousins! And nieces! And go to the Rose Bowl EVERY damn month! And eat delicious mexican food! And In-n-Out Burger! And drive a real car! And maybe our dog Oliver won't have such bad allergies! And maybe I'll start drinking green juice and stop being so fat! And walk up Runyon Canyon every day! And become besties with Reza from Shahs of Sunset! And turn into one of those people who posts on my E. Coast friends' facebook walls with messages like "Enjoy the snowstorm! It's 70 and sunny here, sucka!"

And yeah...I'm pretty stoked.



Do you sometimes wonder "what if?" Do you look back with longing? Do you wonder about what could have been? 

Yeah, me the hell too. 

I didn't buy this amazing 10x12" tiger rug that was only $150 fucking dollars when I went to the Rose Bowl a couple of months ago with my cousin Meri, and I'm pretty sure it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. 

Ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic. 


I'm still not sure. 

But I still think about it. And I know it's bizarro, and way over the top, but I'm pretty sure I could have rocked it pretty hard. 

It's the one that got away. 



Ok, so if you know anything at all about me, you''re probably aware of at least two things: 

  1. I'm addicted to Diet Coke
  2. I'm obsessed with my Basset Hound Oliver

Now here's the thing: over the last decade or so, the design world at large has seriously embraced the idea of animals. Safari animals, cutesy animals, bizarre animals--you can find em everywhere. On fabric, in paintings, as little tchotchkes on people's coffee tables, on needlepoint canvases, etc. And dogs have certainly enjoyed their meteoric rise to fame throughout this whole process. 

BUT, for some reason, certain types of dogs are featured in design shit waaaaay the hell more than all others. And if you, like me, are an owner of a dog whose breed never ever ever seems to find its way onto a goddamned throw pillow, I feel your pain.

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It's Fun To Think About Summer When It's Cold As Balls Out


This is a video by a rad band called Soft Swells, who I was introduced to by my brother.

He's good friends with the lead singer Tim Williams, and was always talking about his music. Whenever this happens, in any iteration in my life, I find that I go and listen to the music (look at the artwork, read the blog, check out the book) of the the mysterious friend, and then almost always end up thinking "meh." This is usually followed by weeks of attempting to dodge the topic at all costs in order to avoid an awkward conversation. 

But in Soft Swell's case, I was happily surprised that I really loved their music. And they just keep getting more and more kick ass reviews (i.e. this shit is probably going to blow up soon, so you better get on board now). They were in Brooklyn a few weeks ago performing at a local spot here in Park Slope and I was able to go hear them in person: and yep, I still thought they were awesome. 

Anyway, it snowed today, and now it's rainy and cold so it's nice to think about summer. Also this entire video was shot at my brother Ted's house in LA, so that's kind of fun. You might notice that the view of LA from his deck is amazeballs to the power of sick. I know...I hate him for it too. 

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